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QuotePower-Web Features

QuotePower-Web, QPI's flapship information product, is a real-time streaming Hong Kong stock quotes service designed for retail investors or professional traders accessible via the Internet or leased line connections. It provides real-time financial information such as all listed Hong Kong stocks and futures, Hang Seng family indices, news and commentary, etc.many professional features such as single and multiple Teletext screens, intra-day minute charts, technical analysis charts, real-time ranking, watch list, portfolio, and price alerts, etc.

QuotePower-Web is developed as a Java applet which can be loaded using any common browser with minimal or no installation required. All you need is an Internet connection, once connected, you will be able to stay close to the financial market using any computer.

Various product features are described in details as follows:

Teletext Screen

TeletextThe "Teletext" page uses traditional teletext display with information as follows:

  • Nominal, bid, ask, open, high, low, volume, turnover, IEP, IEV
  • Bid & ask queues, broker queues, odd lots' bid & ask queues
  • Fundamental data such as P/E ratio, earnings per share, net asset value, market capitalization
  • Warrant information such as strike, premium, gearing ratio
  • All-day transactions, related warrants
Multi-Screens Display
New Features in 6.0 & above
  • This new "Split Screen" page lets you customize viewing 2, 4, and 6 different screens* on one single page
  • For example, you may customize to view 2 teletexts, 1 top ranking table, and 1 quote box on the same page or even 6 teletexts on one page at one time
  • *Note: 4 and 6 split screens are only availabe for 'Premium Combo' users
Existing Features
  • Two teletext screens are placed top and bottom for easy monitoring; in the broker queue area, you have the choice of viewing the queues or the intra-day chart of the selected stock
  • You may pop up a second teletext window by pressing the ">" button beside the top-left-hand corner input box; this window can be resized and placed it along side with the main window for easy monitoring, or you may bring one of the windows across to a second monitor screen if your computer supports dual monitors. (This feature is only available to QPI's direct customers in Version 5.1 and above.)
Resizable Contents
<6.0 & above version>
  • All screens are now resizable from a minimum of 800 x 600 pixels to any larger size; the size of window will no longer be limited
  • Most screens can be resized simply by resizing the application window, this will enlarge the text and charts automatically within the window
  • Other screens such as news headlines and table views (e.g. "Ranking", "Quote Box", "Portfolio", etc.) can be resized by setting the 'Font Size' in the 'System...' property box
Intra-day Charts
  • Intra-day Chart Intra-day chart Shows the intra-day price trend (LINE chart) of a stock or index. Intra-day charts are available for all stocks, indices (including HSI family indices and GEM index, etc.), and index futures.
  • Charts can be plotted with up to 4 stocks or indices together for comparison.
Historical Charts
  • The "Chart Analysis" page provides real-time updating 1/5/10/15/30/60 minute charts, daily, weekly, and monthly charts for a particular stock, future, index, or currency, etc. displayed in high-low-close (HLC), open-high-low-close (OHLC), line, or candle-stick format
  • All charts can be printed to your printer with colours conveniently
  • Interactive tools include zoom-in, zoom-out, trend-lines and parallel lines drawing are included; all lines are saved automatically for your next use
Historical Chart Comparison
<6.0 & above version>
  • Historical performance of up to 4 instruments can be compared in "Chart Analysis" page
  • To set comparison, for example, enter e.g. '3, 5, HSI' in the 'Compare With' input box and hit [ENTER], the charts will be redrawn by comparing with the 00003 stock, 00005 stock, and Hang Seng Index; all charts are plotted with normalized CLOSE values (i.e., start from 0 %)
  • You may use the zoom in and zoom out feature to adjust the starting point of the chart comparison
Technical Analysis Tools Technical Analysis (TA) tools include Bollinger Bands, simple moving average (SMA), MACD, RSI, On Balance Volume (OBV), DMI, William %R, and Fast and Slow Stochastics, William %R, etc. All TA chart parameters are freely customized by the user.
Top 20 Ranking
  • The "Ranking" page provides more than 50 types of real-time top 20 rankings including most stock gainers and losers, most turnover and volume, most and least P/E ratio, yield, and market capitalization of stocks by sectors such as Blue chips, Red chips, H shares, Main Board and GEM.
  • Call and put warrants are ranked by most and least premium, gearing ratio and expiry dates.
Broker Search The "Broker Search" page lets user search for a specific broker by name or broker number and view all stocks that are currently on this broker's bid and ask queues
Quote Box & Portfolio
<6.0 & above version>
Enhanced Features in 6.0 & above
  • Both "Quote Box" and "Portfolio" can now monitor up to 3 pages of instruments, total 75 instruments (older versions only monitor up to 25 instruments)
  • A quick chart button is added in the beginning of each row for viewing the "Chart Analysis" of the specific instrument
  • The total cost, market value and P/L are now placed on the bottom of the "Portfolio" page for easy viewing without needing to scroll down everytime
Existing Features
  • "Quote Box" allows you to maintain a watch list of your favorite stocks, indices, FOREX, etc., arranged in a tabular grid; when there are updates, the specific fields will be highlighted
  • "Portfolio" keeps track of the performance of the HK stocks in your portfolio; by entering the price and volume of each stock you purchased, it calculates the real-time market value and total profit or loss
  • All rows and columns can be printed to a local printer or copied to your clipboard for pasting to other Microsoft Windows applications such as Microsoft Excel, etc.
Price Alert
  • Closely monitors the prices of your favorite stocks, indices, and currencies, etc., by poping up an on-screen alert window if any of the prices reaches your pre-set upper and/or lower limits
  • All fired price alerts can be found on the bottom of the "Alert" page
  • All rows and columns can be printed to a local printer or copied to your clipboard for pasting to other Microsoft Windows applications such as Microsoft Excel, etc.
Volume Alert
<6.2 & above version>
  • A new volume alert function is added in the "Alert" page which lets you monitor the activeness of the stocks you are interested in, for example, to keep track of days with exceptional high volume
  • Once the traded volume reaches your pre-set volume limit of the stock, an on-screen alert window is popped up to alert you
  • All fired volume alerts can be found on the bottom of the "Alert" page
  • All rows and columns can be printed to a local printer or copied to your clipboard for pasting to other Microsoft Windows applications such as Microsoft Excel, etc.
Futures & Options

Futures and options information include:

  • Hang Seng index futures and mini futures, H Shares index futures, FTSE/Xinhua China 25 index futures
  • HK stock futures, international stock futures, 1-month & 3-month HIBOR futures Hang Seng index options
  • 5-level bid and ask queues information is additionally offered in value-added service

Major index futures are displayed in the top "Market Watch Bar".

HK Futures Page in
Separate Window
<6.0 & above version>
  • Press the top-right hand pop-up button on the "HK Futures" page to detach it as a separate window
  • This new feature allows users to view the main Teletext with the "HK Futures" page at the same time, if you have a dual monitor, you can even bring the "HK Futures" window across to the second monitor
Double Market Watch Bars
<6.0 & above version>
  • Two "Market Watch Bars" (placed on the top of the screen) are now provided for monitoring up to 5 pairs of HK indices and futures
  • You may press the '<>' button on the right to select a specific pair of indices
Financial Pages

SEHK financial quote pages can be accessed by simply entering the SEHK page number. Information includes HK indices page, stock options pages, basket warrants, debt securities, index funds, listed ELI. Interest rates and bank deposit rates are also provided for user's reference. Blue chips (HSI), red chips (HSCCI) and H shares (HSCEI) pages provide real-time price list of constituent stocks.

World Markets


Enhanced Features in 6.2 & above
  • Provide foreign exchange rates, cross rates and bullion price information sourced from reputable brokers and contributors as well as delayed worldwide indices.

This feature is provded as a value-added service.

Existing Features
  • Modest updates of major foreign exchange rates, cross rates, and delayed worldwide indices are provided.

    This feature is provded as a value-added service.

Financial News

News & commentary from various sources are provided as follows:

  • Listed company announcements from SEHK
  • Chinese Ming Pao financial news
  • Chinese financial news from Commercial Radio of Hong Kong
  • Asia Pacific real-time English and Chinese financial market news and equity news from Dow Jones Newswires (This feature is provded as a value-added service)
  • Chinese news and commentary from hk6.com (This feature is provded as a value-added service)

User can select to view all news or only the news related to a selected stock.

News Search Historical news search function is provided according to user's setting, searching criteria include stock code, keywords, or date ranges.
Company Profile

Company Profile provides English and Chinese listed company information including company profile, earnings summary, profit & loss account, balance sheet, financial ratios, cash flow statement, quarterly/interim results, entitlement history, shares buyback, and 3-year historical price and volume records, etc.

This feature is provded as a value-added service.

Stock Query System
  • Situational Report provides you with a tool to search for top rankings in different sectors of HK securities based on fundamental or technical indicators, there are more than 8,000 different combinations of reports commonly used for stock investment
  • Online Query System lets you search for the particular stocks by entering your desired values in over 30 choices of fundamental and technical indicators; this is significantly useful in helping you make the right investment decisions.

This feature is provided as a value-added service.

Enhanced Symbol Search
<6.0 & above version>
  • 5.0 product series only let user search for HK stocks, the new "Symbol Search" in 6.0 product series lets user search for any types of instruments including HK indices, currency rates, etc.
  • The enhanced "Symbol Search" page can be accessed from below the top-left input box and the "Symbol Directory" page can now be accessed by pressing the '?' button on the right of the "Symbol Search" button
Color Skin Selection Different color skins are provided for your selection to give you different look and feel when using the service.

According to your computer's network environment, You can select to use any one of the connection methods below to connect to QuotePower's servers:

  • Direct Connection
  • Firewall Only
  • Use Proxies

The settings can be configured in "Properties Box" as shown in the diagram.

If your computer is behind a firewall or proxy server, you can try our Connectivity Test to see if your computer can connect to QuotePower's server and receive the quotes at an acceptable speed.


The system supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese languages.

Note: With Chinese display on English systems, you may need to have the appropriate font pre-installed or specific system settings.

Browser or Standalone Versions

QuotePower-Web can be run as an applet on a browser (Browser Version) or as a standalone windows application (Standalone Version). With browser version, you can access our real-time service anytime and anywhere from a personal computer (PC) normally with no installation required (some versions of browsers may require upgrading specific JVM - Java Virtual Machine - before using QuotePower-Web; please always refer to the system requirements for the most updated information). With Standalone Version, you can install onto your home and / or office PC which gives you instant access without a browser.


Once you are subscribed to QuotePower-Web service, you will receive a single license meaning you will be granted an active login session at any one time.


To get familiar with our QuotePower-Web product, you may:

  • Take a look at our Online Demo
  • Call our customer service hotline (852) 2111-7772 to arrange an appointment for a demo at our office at 2/F Jade Mansion, 40 Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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