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QuotePower-Web FX is a real-time streaming FX quotes service designed for FX and bullion investors especially for those in the Asia Pacific region. It provides real-time foreign exchange rates, cross rates, bullion prices, etc., with various technical analysis charting functions, watch list, and price alerts features. Currently, 2 service packages are available for our customers to choose from: "Pro" ("Professional") and "Basic".

QuotePower-Web FX "Pro" provides to professional investors real-time streaming FX rates and bullion quotes, as well as indepth Dow Jones FX and money market news with publications from Wall Street Journal, etc. QuotePower-Web FX "Basic" provides to retail investors real-time streaming FX and bullion quotes as well as market commentaries. To see the detailed differences between the 2 packages, please refer to the Package Comparison table.

The QuotePower-Web FX application is developed as a Java applet which can be loaded using any common browser with minimal or no installation required. All you need is an Internet connection, once connected, you will be able to stay close to the financial market using any computer.

Various product features are described as follows:

Watch List

Watch List allows you to enter a list of your favorite FX and bullion quotes, arranged in a tabular format. When there are updates, the data fields will be highlighted. The Watch List can be found in the Home page. Double-clicking on a row displays the chart of the specific quote on the right side of the Home page.

FX Quote

Market Watch A bar at the top of the screen shows real-time quotes for leading market indicators in cycles and you may stop the bar at points of interest by pushing the pin at the top right-hand corner.
FX Quote

FX QuoteFX Quote gives you detailed information of a single currency against USD including its bid price, ask price, high and low prices, open and close prices for the 3 major trading city centers (Tokyo, London and New York). The major cross rates of the currency are also listed. FX Quote can be found in the Mkt Monitor page.

Dual FX Windows

You can pop up a second FX Quote window by pressing the ">" button beside the top-left-hand corner input box in the Mkt Monitor page. This window can be resized and placed it along side with the main window for easy monitoring of 2 FX quotes. Or you may bring the window across to a second monitor screen if your computer supports dual monitors.

This feature is only offered in the "Pro" service package.

Price Pages

Financial Pages provides specially formatted quote pages with the following contents:

  • World Indices
  • Major Currency Spot Rates (against USD)
  • Major Cross Rates
  • Bullion Spot Prices
  • Multi-currency Deposit Rates
Bid/Ask Intra-day Chart

Bid/Ask Page allows you to compare the real-time quotes of eight currencies at a time. You can set to view on up to 4 different screens.

Intra-day Charts

Intra-day Chart Intra-day chart shows the real-time intra-day trend of a selected financial quote. 6 types of minute charts are currently provided: 1-minute, 5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minute.

Intra-day charts can be plotted with up to 3 other instrument quotes together for comparison.

You can set to view 4 charts on the same screen and can set on up to 4 different screens.

Price Alert

Quote BoxPrice Alert lets you closely monitor the prices of your favorite quotes. You can enter the upper and/or lower limits of the quotes and once the the limit is reached, an alert box will pop up.

The rows and columns in the Price Alert table can be copied to your clipboard (and be pasted to Microsoft Excel) or printed to a local printer.

Historical Charts Historical charts provide monthly, weekly, and daily charts for an FX or bullion quote, etc., You can zoom in and out a particular time period and also draw trend lines and parallel lines on the chart. All charts can be printed to your printer with colours conveniently.
Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis Charts include Simple Moving Average (SMA), Bollinger, Parabolic SAR, Linear Regression, MACD, RSI, DMI, Fast and Slow Stochastics, William's % R etc. Parameters for the various study charts are customizable.
Dow Jones News

Dow Jones Newswire provides in-depth news in the following categories:

  • FX News
  • Fixed Income and Money Market News
  • Bullion News
  • Articles from Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones publications, FEER and Barron's.

Dow Jones news is only offered on the "Pro" service package.

Dow Jones News
News Search

News SearchNews Search provides searching of historical Dow Jones news and other articles according to your specified date ranges and selected news category.

This feature is only offered on the "Pro" service package.

Market Commentaries

FX and bullion Chinese commentaries are provided by known market participants throughout trading hours.

This feature is only offered on the "Basic" service package.

Market Commentary Search

News SearchMarket Commentary Search provides searching of historical market commentary according to specific date ranges.

This feature is only offered on the "Basic" service package.

SMS Price Alert

SMS Price Alert allows you to set up to 10 price limits for monitoring your favourite FX rates and bullion prices. When a price limit is reached, a short message (SMS) is sent to your registered phone number. Currently, only Hong Kong mobile phone numbers are supported.

This feature is provided as a value-added service to QPI-Mobile FX.

Color Skin Selection Different Color Skins are provided for your selection to give you different look and feel when using QuotePower-Web FX.
Blue Color Wheat Color

Connection PropertiesAccording to your computer's network environment, You can select to use any one of the connection methods below for QuotePower-Web FX to connect to QuotePower's servers:

  • Direct Connection
  • Firewall Only
  • Use Proxies

The settings can be configured in "Properties Box" as shown in the diagram.

If your computer is behind a firewall or proxy server, you can try our Connectivity Test to see if your computer can connect to QuotePower's server and receive the quotes at an acceptable speed.


QuotePower-Web FX "Pro" supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese languages. QuotePower-Web FX "Basic" is only available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Note: With Chinese display on English systems, you may need to have the appropriate font pre-installed or specific system settings.

Browser or Standalone Versions

QuotePower-Web FX can be run as an applet on a browser (Browser Version) or as a standalone windows application (Standalone Version). With browser version, you can access our real-time service anytime and anywhere from a personal computer (PC) normally with no installation required (some versions of browsers may require upgrading specific JVM - Java Virtual Machine - before using QuotePower-Web FX; please always refer to the system requirements for the most updated information). With Standalone Version, you can install onto your home and / or office PC which gives you instant access without a browser.


Once you are subscribed to QuotePower-Web FX, you will receive a single license meaning you will be granted an active login session at any one time.


To get familiar with our QuotePower-Web FX product, you may:

  • Take a look at our Online Demo
  • Call our customer service hotline (852) 2111-7772 to arrange an appointment for a demo at our office at 2/F Jade Mansion, 40 Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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